Hurricanes Look to Flood Kings Park


This Friday, October 10, 2015 the Westhampton Beach Hurricanes varsity football team will be facing Kings Park. The game will be played at Kings Park High School at 1:30 pm. Come to the game to support the team and cheer them on in pursuit of another win.

The Hurricanes look to add another win to their 2-2 record. Last week the Hurricanes defeated the Comeswogue Warriors in 40-0 blowout. They bounced back from the defeat against East Islip the previous week and are proving to be a most resilient team. Sophomore, Dylan Laube absolutely shredded the Comeswogue defense running for two touchdowns and 139 yards on nine carries. The ‘Canes look to improve to 3-2 this weekend against Kings Park. In a few weeks after three games on the road the Hurricanes will play the Eastport South Manor Sharks for homecoming. ESM is considered the biggest rival of Westhampton Beach football. The ‘Canes seek revenge from a 12-7 playoff loss last year to ESM at home. Eastport has gone as far as painting a picture of the WHB scoreboard after the loss in a section of a hallway in their school. “We’re ready for any team that comes our way,” said 12th grader and captain of the football team Devin “the hitman” Laube.

The games are fun for the players as well as the fans. Lucas Villareale, 10th grade, said, “I enjoy coming to the games because I enjoy supporting my school.” Many more kids like Lucas come to the games on the regular to support their school. Lucas also said, “I enjoy the energy of the games.” The games create a very exciting and energetic atmosphere for everyone in attendance. Nolan Quinlan, 10th grade, said, “I enjoy watching my friends Nery and Dylan play. They are beasts.” After all, the players on the Hurricane football team are indeed our fellow classmates.

Devin Laube, On why people in the community should come to the games. said,” First off to see me kick some sold field goals and next for me to score a few touchdowns everyone once in a while.”

So, come to this Saturday’s game in Kings Park if you can make it too support the Hurricanes. The ‘Canes also have games both home and away in the coming weeks. The team will look to get revenge on their bitter rival ESM for handing the ‘Canes a crushing 12-7 playoff loss. Try to make it to these games if you can to support your school and classmates. The football program here at Westhampton Beach really appreciates those who come to support them.