Polan Picks up 1000 Points

Polan Picks up 1000 Points

Kristen and her sister Jen, who also surpasses 1,000 points.

Alex Walker, Staff Writer

Throughout many athletes’ lives, they hope to achieve accomplishments; proving their skill, hard work, and dedication that they have and need for success. In 2011 alone, many athletes reached milestones in their career. Derek Jeter, who plays for the New York Yankees, hit his 3000th base hit on a grand slam. Mariano Rivera, who also plays for the Yankees, got his 602nd save, which is the most number of saves out of anybody ever in MLB. But our very own Kristen Polan, who plays varsity basketball, got her 1000 point in a game against Southold.

Kristen, who has been playing basketball since she was about five, has been on varsity since eighth grade, and has been a captain for four years. She said that her dad, who is also her coach, is the most influential person in her basketball career. “He played basketball in high school and college and I grew up with him coaching,” says Kristen. Coach Polan said, “She has great temperament—she’s intense when needed and not at other times. She worked hard by putting the time in and it has showed off.”

Kristen is a team player, and people love being her teammate. Currently Kristen has 1081 points, just six points shy of her sister Jen’s record. Kristen said, “It feels good. I really want to beat my sister. It’s exciting, but I just play to play. It’s cool to have the recognition though.”

Jen said, “Her own hard work, dedication, and drive to become a better player enabled her to reach this accomplishment.” Jen, who is very proud of her sister for reaching this milestone, added that she has no doubt in her mind that Kristen will pass her record. She has high hopes for Kristen and said, “Kristen is an awesome athlete, great person, and an even more amazing sister. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.”

As Kristen and many people know, not just one person can make a team. There have been many people over the years that have added to her success. The other senior captain Haley Laube is one of the players most responsible for Kristen’s success on the court; she and Kristen have been playing together since about second grade, and it shows with the great chemistry that they have. Haley said, “Me and Big Papa go way back to second grade, little lads with little shoes, little ballers. We got that swag and we read each other’s minds. We have good chemistry and she has my back. #diaryofaplaya.”

Another teammate Michele Cardo, who has been playing with Kristen since fifth grade, said, “I can always count on her as someone to pass the ball to. I am always confident when she has the ball that something good will happen.”

Hannah Sadloski, another senior who has been playing with Kristen since third grade said, “Playing with Kristen is a great experience. She helps improve my basketball skills by giving me quick tips while we play. I can always rely on her to make something happen.”

Teammates agree that Kristen is a great player and captain. Although some think she takes advantage of her power, like senior Courtney Sidor, who joked, “Basically she makes me get her an evolution and if I don’t she steals mine and yells. The words ‘Courtney get me a ball’ sometimes haunt me in my sleep.”

As for what’s next, Kristen wants to go into a career in fashion merchandising and wants to play volleyball in college. She said, “Style is something you have and I would like to explore fashion. Sports are very different for me and they are something you have to work at. I like style off the court but on the court I am definitely not a girly-girl.”