Hopes for 2022 Homecoming


Juniors celebrate at the ’21 outdoor pep rally.

Bella Pellegrinelli, Staff Writer

With 2022 homecoming looking to be (hopefully) the first normal homecoming since 2019, what can students expect?

The 2021-22 homecoming was not what we expected. It was the freshman and sophomore classes’ first homecoming pep rally. Although the juniors and seniors had experienced a WHBHS homecoming, it was their first outside. 

Westhampton Beach loves Friday night lights and Homecoming is the initial start to those games. It gets everyone hyped for the upcoming game and season. It’s everyone’s chance to really display their school spirit. 

However this year junior Sydney Anastasia said, “I could barely hear anyone cheering from the stands when we were on the other side and there were no moments that we could cheer and show our spirit. I also couldn’t hear the microphone.” 

COVID impacted these experiences for many but not all. Senior Emmalyn Cancellire said, “Having two pep rallies, one inside and one outside, it didn’t seem to make too much of a difference.  Students still got to sit with our friends and have fun. I originally thought I would like the pep rally inside much better although, to me personally there wasn’t much of a difference because we still had fun.”

Patricija Dirzius, sophomore class president, has hopes that the upcoming pep rally will have no COVID restrictions and we could finally return to normalcy.

Sydney is optimistic that next year it should be inside and we should implement a version of Battle of the Classes throughout the pep rally.

Student Government advisor, Mrs. Luciano, explained both the unpredictability of the COVID pandemic and a new athletic director makes next year’s homecoming also unpredictable.

Mrs. Luciano understands the concern with the layout of this past homecoming so she mentions if we were to have the pep rally outdoors once again the layout would most likely be changed. She said, “As of right now there are no new events to implement.  However, we will work with our Student Government officers and club to listen to the voices of students and see what they would like to do.  Will will continue to have spirit week the week of homecoming.” 

Many schools throughout Long Island have traditions that WHB doesn’t. Many high schools, like East Meadow, for example have a homecoming parade and a homecoming court.  In WHB, Mr. and Mrs. Hurricane serves as our court for seniors, but we haven’t had a homecoming parade in a few years.

As a district, we hope we can have a traditional homecoming week and pep rally this upcoming school year.