Advice to Incoming Seniors


Lyndzee Walker , Staff Writer

Senioritis is real. Once you get accepted into your dream school, your last semester of high school feels like it has no purpose. I get it, but you must finish strong. Valedictorian, Jacqueline Glaser gives advice to incoming seniors on how to finish their senior year strong. 

Jacqueline Glaser is a well-rounded student who has participated in various activities that include the National Honor Society and Key Club. She has received many awards for her high academic success. She continues to shine in every aspect of her high school career.

She explains how a particular skill has helped her survive senior year in the best way possible. “The most important thing to remember in the first half of senior year is time management. Although it is a very basic skill, it becomes extremely important when balancing the usual workload (school and extracurriculars) with college applications and standardized tests,” said Jacqueline Glaser. Having an understanding of your responsibilities and when to do them is extremely important when being successful in high school. 

Many incoming seniors tend to develop a loss of motivation and stress due to all the pressures of school and personal life. However, a fellow senior and track star, Maeve Murphy, explained how track and field helped her learn certain skills. She said, “I think that the most important thing I learned from track was perseverance and how to work for your dreams.”  The discipline of consistency learned in sports can be helpful when completing difficult tasks in high school.

Although incoming seniors might be stressed with their future approaching, it’s always good to keep your future in mind. Your future is your motivation to keep going in these final moments.  As Jackie shared, “I constantly remind myself of how hard I have worked and how far I have come already. Although my classmates and myself may feel burned out, it is important to finish strong and make our previous hard work worth it.”

Always keep pushing yourself to finish strong no matter how difficult it may seem. Hard work and perseverance go a long way.  While senioritis may try to get the best of you, stay strong until the end so you can look back on your time in high school with pride.