WHB Teachers vs. Covid


Owen Spizuoco, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has taken the world by storm in all aspects of life. Work, travel, social life are all hugely impacted. School is no different. After last year’s entire quarter 4 of coasting by, there had to be a change on how to learn remotely. And that change relied solely on the teachers changing plans and getting used to teaching under these “uncertain times.” I didn’t interview any teachers, but this is how I imagined they would respond to how they are dealing with teaching in a pandemic.

I sat down with my first anonymous teacher and asked, “How do you deal with teaching during a pandemic.” The first anonymous teacher responded, “You know, I really love my job, and teaching during this whole pandemic has made me love it even more. I love taking two separate attendances, I love not being able to see my students’ faces, and most of all I love putting my family at risk after every single day at work.”

“How do you feel about Zoom/Google Meet,” I asked the next anonymous teacher. “I love it. I have absolutely no clue how to work it, or have any clue what I’m doing,” they said. “It makes my job so much easier. I can really focus on what’s important- the material, especially when I have to constantly check the Zoom call to see if things are running smoothly.”

And lastly, I interviewed one more teacher. “How do you keep your students engaged when they are at home,” I asked. “It’s simple really- since we can’t make students turn their cameras on, for all I know half my class could not even be there. So, I take attendance periodically every five minutes. It speeds up my teaching process. We fly through units. We are already reviewing for finals!” said the last anonymous teacher.

Overall, the census is that most teachers love teaching during this pandemic. Most of them even enjoy it more than full in person learning! I don’t blame them either, who wouldn’t love teaching during an international pandemic where you can’t see your students more than three times a week. Who wouldn’t love to see half your student’s face and not knowing some of your students’ names until December? Who wouldn’t love the risk of getting Covid and putting your aunt Sue with an impaired immune system at risk just for doing your job? Sounds very appealing to me…