Christmas Trees: Real or Fake?


Sophia Mangiameli, Staff Writer

Fake or real, the Christmas tree season is approaching fast!

It’s already December and the days are flying away as we anticipate Christmas. Students from the WHBHS community were asked whether or not they prefer a real Christmas tree or a fake one. While fake Christmas trees stay fresh all season long and are low maintenance, some students believe that nothing beats the experience of picking out a tree with their family and the fresh smell of pine.   

When asked, “ Do you prefer a real or fake Christmas tree?” junior Bella Bougtsos said, “I prefer a fake tree because I hate picking them out, but I’ve always had a real tree.”

Many families like Bella’s have a hard time getting everyone to agree on a tree out in the windy fields. “We put up a fake tree every year. My mom loves it and it looks good,” said junior Lexi Sielaw. Fake trees stay fresh all year long, being that most trees are made of PVC plastic. 

Fake Christmas trees require no maintenance and make no mess, appealing to many bust, chaotic families. However, real Christmas trees are biodegradable, and smell of fresh pine all season long. When asking 25 WHBHS students whether their family put up a real or fake tree, 17/25 students reported their family putting up a fake tree for the holidays.

“My family puts up a fake tree, and I always help decorate it,” said junior Cole DelPrete.

Decorating the Christmas tree with the family is a warming tradition for most. Senior Benzi Mancino said, “My family puts up a real tree. Picking it out every year is fun, and I don’t mind having to water it every now and then.” For many families, going out to the fields and picking out their own special tree is most of the fun.

No matter the type, a beautifully decorated tree seems to bring out the joy in everyone. While fake trees are less costly, stay green and are low maintenance, real Christmas trees can bring holiday spirit to life- literally.