Why is Staying Fit During the Pandemic so hard?


Jessicka Alvarado, Staff Writer, Staff writer

 The COVID-19 pandemic has left many stuck at home with nothing to do. While some people find it easy to exercise at home and eat healthy on a daily basis, the majority cannot get out of the kitchen. It is not bad to pass your time practicing your cooking skills and eating some delicious treats, but we all must watch out for excessive eating.

Some have made cooking an activity in quarantine. This is actually not a bad idea because not only does it kill time, but it creates new recipes to make in the future! It is a time where we have to make sure we are staying healthy and improving our immune systems. Eating a sweet treat once in a while is not going to do a lot of damage to your body, but making it a habit will. Watch out for excessive eating. 

During these stressful times, people fall back on lazy patterns and buy food that is easy to prepare. However, these types of foods are not healthy. Instead of the easy choice, make an effort on learning how to maintain a balanced diet and learn about what certain foods can do to your body. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, many food industries’ sales have been on the rise. This includes popcorn (48%), pretzels (47%), and potato chips (30%) when compared to last year at this time. What does this say about America? It means that we are not putting the necessary effort into our day-to-day life. Put down the cookies and pick up the carrots.

Fruits and vegetables are important to consume during these unprecedented times. These foods will increase your lifespan unlike the easy-to-make canned foods that sit in your cabinet.

There’s no secret America is full of unhealthy food.  It is hard to go to the store and not grab a bag of chips or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup while you are paying. But think about it. Do they put vegetables or fruits while you are on your way out? They will NEVER do that. You have to take the initiative to do what is right for you. Not what is convenient. Take the extra step this summer. 

Instead of eating out of boredom or stress, try to do something new. Try to get to know your family better. Exercise. Go for a bike ride. Add some cardio into your day. Visit a nearby park. But most importantly, learn how to eat healthy and how to choose the right food for your body.