George Floyd’s Death has Changed America Forever


Protesters standing beside a burning restaurant.

We all know the story. May 25th, 2020. George Floyd, an African American man born in Minnesota, was arrested for using a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. During the arrest, Officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee onto George’s neck for over eight minutes. George, who pleaded for the officer to lift his knee because he could not breath, died on the streets of Minneapolis. 

This started a movement America hasn’t seen in over 70 years. A movement dedicated to preventing police brutality. A movement dedicated to the famous saying “Black Lives Matter.” A movement to end the shameful and reckless treatment of minority groups across the country. Protests began immediately, and have escalated into something America has NEVER seen. 

Riots. Raids. Violence and destruction. All words that can be categorized into what we have seen over the past few days across the nation.

People are being criticized for calling the people who are raiding, stealing, and burning, “thugs.” They are right. These people are CRIMINALS. You cannot possibly excuse these horrible acts of violence we have seen.

Stores are being burned to the ground. Innocent police officers are getting injured by the minute. Imagine working your entire life to save up for a business of your own just for 30 or so people to run in and destroy it. For what? Is this what George would have wanted? No. These people say they are fighting for justice but it is just the opposite. “Police have arrested nearly 1,400 people in 17 U.S. cities since Thursday,” The Associated Press said.

The National Guard has been called for Minnesota and Los Angeles. Riots have been occurring in New York City, and Colorado. In Washington State, large amounts of people are protesting outside the White House. It is absolute craziness right now.

It’s like COVID-19 took a step back. There has been ZERO social distancing in an overwhelming amount of states during this time. Nobody seems to care.

If you want justice for George Floyd.

If you want to change how cops treat minority groups.

If you want America to be the land of the free, and home of the brave, then do not bury the very foundation it was built on.

Every American citizen has the right to peacefully protest. Those who are doing so, good on them. If you, or if you advocate for those who throw bricks through store windows, or charge and tackle innocent officers, then shame on you. That is not how we will change the United States. #USA