How to Boost College Resumes


Dream colleges of upcoming seniors.

Josh Cunniff, Staff writer

School year is coming to an end and summer plans are just beginning. Summer is a great time to relax and de-stress, but it also can be spent in boosting college resumes. Colleges like to see that students explore interests while also making an impact outside of school. Whether you’re working or traveling different parts of the world, things like these can make you stand out or help you understand your future goals.

There are a variety of ways to have the perfect resume for what colleges are looking for.

Over the summer junior Bella Mautone is determined to see how big an impact she can make by coming up with new rules and improvements in WHB school districts for anti-bullying. Bella said, “I decided to do this because it’s an amazing cause to help decrease bullying in schools to make an everyday environment a more positive and safe place for everyone.”  

While traveling to different parts of the world might not seem something that can boost your college resume it actually adds a huge role into what they’re looking for. Colleges like to see productivity in a way of experiencing different cultures. This can involve learning another language which  stimulates the brain and increases overall intelligence.

Senior Tori Cummins had gone on Rustic Pathways trips that she discovered through Key Club as a way to interact and experience something new. She said, “I wanted to travel to different parts of the world and I love working with kids. This trip was very life-changing as it teaches you a lot of valuable lessons and opens your eyes to the problems going on in the world and realize how fortunate we are to live in a place like Westhampton.” She also added, “You get a ton of community service hours through such an eye-opening experience.”

Another way on being productive this summer is prepping for the SAT and ACT. These standardized tests are critically important aspects of your college resume. Colleges see these scores on how much effort and commitment you apply on achieving the best you can, so whenever you have free time it’s good to spend 20 minutes every once in a while for extra practice.

In addition to earning cash, work experience reads well on a college application. Having a person maintain a job demonstrates time management, teamwork, and listening skills that portrays them as someone who is responsible and reliable. Junior Emelye Ender said, “I am making connections with business owners at Dune Deck Beach Club and interacting with people from all around the world.”

Yes, applying to colleges will be time consuming, stressful and aggravating but it’s always great to have a good resume that stands out from the others. Colleges really explore individuals who are just the right fit for their school and you could be that person.