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Reading Recommendations

Liv Jayne, Staff Writer

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No matter what grade you are in at WHBHS, you are required to read books from your  grade’s Self-Select reading list.  To help you choose a book, we found out what are the most popular titles on the list.

English teacher Mrs. Mett suggests reading reviews and talking to others before choosing a book.  She said, “The key to completing the reading requirement is finding a book that interests you.”

For 9th grade boys, Gym Candy, a two credit book, is very popular.  Sophomore Jake Mecca said, “It was very relatable, except for drugs. It was about football which is a main interest of mine.”

Mrs Mett said that another popular series with the boys this year is the Triple Threat series: The Walk On, The Sixth Man, and DH, books about a 9th grader who is a three-sport athlete.  Each book is about his season in that sport.

For students looking to read three credits, Mrs. Mett always suggests The Secret Life of Cee Cee Wilkes by Diane Chamberlain or Heat by Stuart Woods.

Boys also enjoyed reading a two credit book, Soldier X, featuring an American boy in Russia during WW2 fighting in war.

Popular for girls on the list are books two and three of the To All the Boys I Loved Before series: PS I Still Love You and Always and Forever Lara Jean. The girls who read this book think it kept them on edge and falling for one of the main characters, Peter Kavinsky.

If you are interested in classics, the book Little Women may interest you.  It is about four girls and is set in 1800s America; it describes their life journeys and problems they face and their parents watching them.

If you find mysteries interesting, James Patterson’s books are easier three credits with short chapters, however, be aware the tests are a little bit more difficult.

Hidden Girl is a three credit book that is about a modern day slave; it is very interesting and makes the reader emotionally attached to the main character Shymia Hall.

Sarah Dessen books are also popular with girls and are all three credit books. A lot of students who were interviewed say they really enjoyed Dessen books because they were interesting and they could relate to the characters. Specifically, students enjoyed Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen because it was a good quick read that kept the reader interested the whole time.

The List is a two and a half credit book, described as interesting and relatable to girls.

My Sister’s Keeper is a three credit book that is long but has a great story and made the reader attached to the main characters through their heartfelt journey through treatment.  Although it is a movie, the book is still on the list because it is different from the movie.

Let It Snow had a good storyline and makes you want to keep reading.  The test was easy as long as you read the book, as is the case with most of the book tests! The story relates to young teens and could connect to some people’s lives.

Lastly, Looking for Alaska is a two credit book that is a quick easy read – it has some dark tones and the mystery of the book keeps you reading.

No matter which book you choose to read, be sure to actually read it; Spark Notes won’t help you! But if you read the book you will do great on the test.

Leave a comment in the comment section below if you have a suggestion for a book you have read and enjoyed for other students!