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Digital Heroin – Something to Pay Attention To

Christina Marsicano, Staff Writer

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How many times a day do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling – Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook – when you should be focused on an assignment in class or on someone who is speaking to you?

The epidemic of the digital drug – “digital heroin” – is worth paying attention to.  In the article, “Kids turn violent as parents battle ‘digital heroin’ addiction,” it states that“studies correlate excessive screen usage with a whole host of clinical disorders, including addiction.”  Recent brain-imaging research confirms that glowing screens affect the brain’s frontal cortex — which controls executive functioning, including impulse control — in exactly the same way that drugs like cocaine and heroin do. Research from the US military, we also know that screens and video games can literally affect the brain like digital morphine.”  

Minecraft is a popular game that allows people to digitally play with Legos instead of physically holding them in their hands. This game is very popular for all ages, but  mostly for the younger age groups. Many young kids come home from school and jump right onto their Xbox, Playstation ,iPads, and iPhones even though these kids have homework to do, they’d rather be playing on their technology.

While technology addiction is not considered a disease, there is no question that young students are plugged into technology and not the outside life that surrounds them. According to the article “Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children,” “The average 8- to 10-year-old spends nearly eight hours a day with a variety of different media, and older children and teenagers spend more than 11 hours per day.”

If you feel you are suffering from digital addiction, seek help.  Speak to your parents, a guidance counselor, trusted friends, or a teacher.  You are not alone and there are people available to help you get back to the old you.  

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Digital Heroin – Something to Pay Attention To