AI: Helpful or Harmful?

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Dom DeLuca, Staff Writer

       From driving cars to cleaning robots, Artificial Intelligence is growing at a rapid pace, causing alarm at its capabilities.

        With ChatGPT, Google Bard and Snap AI all coming out these past six months, people are getting concerned for the future. Some students use these AI bots to complete assignments. Junior Ryan Baynon said, “I see people all the time in my classes using ChatGPT to write paragraphs for them. Students rely on AI too much.”

         While many support AI, others are scared that humans will become obsolete from this technology boom. The US has 310,700 industrial robots and this has a dangerous potential of eliminating about 73 million US jobs by 2030 (46% of current jobs). Limitations must be made to keep human jobs instead of robots taking over. 

           Along with the dangers, AI also has great potential to help society. Companies such as Tesla are pushing AI to its limits with self-driving cars. Junior Steven Abromowitz said, “I do use AI in my everyday life. I use AI such as Siri to set alarms and reminders”. 

          Several AI leaders, including billionaire Elon Musk and CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman have called for AI laws to be made to regulate its further advancement. They call for a six month pause to give lawmakers time to catch up. 

           As Artificial Intelligence advances, the world should come together and understand the benefits and the risks we take using this technology.