WHB Robotics Team Makes it to Worlds


Emma Mignone and Gabby Mendoza

After two successful regional competitions at Hofstra University, the WHB Robotics team advanced to Worlds in Houston on April 20th. 

Over spring break, the WHB Robotics Team traveled to Houston, Texas to compete at Worlds. They placed 14th, which is the best the team has ever done!

Quinn McManus, a junior on the team, explains the different roles necessary for the team to function properly. He says that, “We are a team who splits up and does different things. One group designs them, one group builds it, while the other people who are good at coding program it.” 

Competitions usually last for three days. The first day is practice and they actually compete on the second and third days. 

The top eight teams can form alliances and choose a captain. 

Junior Tor Christensen is the safety captain. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that everything is in place. Quinn and Tor said Robotics meetings are four hours long.

The team’s Go Fund Me raised almost $30,000 in donations to get them to the World competition.

Congrats to the team on their successes this year!  If you are interested in joining Robotics, they meet every Wednesday in room 131.