DogeCoin, The Future of Currency?


Picture courtesy: Gadget360

Technological advances have surely been a conversation for years now. From cellphones to video games and now cryptocurrencies, DogeCoin, a new cryptocurrency, has been making headlines for soaring from roughly $0.004 a share, to $0.40 a share.

Cryptocurrencies are nothing new. The first Crypto came out in 2009 called Bitcoin. Bitcoin is on a larger scale than DogeCoin because of larger investments, but Bitcoin did start at the same place DogeCoin did – from nothing. 

DogeCoin started in early 2013 at approximately $0.000234 and went up increasingly to a peak in April of 2021 at $0.45 a share. This may seem like a small increase but it is far from small.  Just a “small” increase is over 12000%.  According to DogeCoin, it rose over 800% in a day to $.0724, after receiving attention from Elon Musk, Reddit users and the GameStop short squeeze.  

DogeCoin might be seen as a gimmick or a joke but even with all this attention Doge continues to soar. It even had a dedicated day on 4/20/21 that Reddit users called “DogeDay”, the Day of the Doge. 

The meme did not soar as many thought on DogeDay but hope was restored when Elon Musk gave it another shoutout. Sadly after his SNL appearance, DogeCoin continued on a decline.

DogeCoin or Doge is made from the symbol of the dog Shiba Inu. The coin itself has a design of a dog that was created as a meme back in 2012.  Doge should reach $1.00 by the end of the month if people keep investing. There is no set limit on what Doge could reach but our prediction is that Doge will be worth at least $1.00 by the end of the year. 

This weekend, Elon Musk appeared on Saturday Night Live, and he called DogeCoin “a hustle.” This sent the price of the coin plummeting, losing more than a third of its price.  It has recovered some.  At press time, it was worth nearly .50 cents.

With DogeCoin rising at a rapid rate up 12,000% from January, there are people trying to get their hands on a share. People find themselves investing little money and turning it into big money. The inventor of Doge himself sold the company just so he can afford a Toyota, meanwhile DogeCoin is worth more than the Toyota company. With that being said, get your hands on a share and “go to the moon” (with Elon Musk).