New Covid Cases

New Covid Cases

Jack Cumisky, Staff Writer

Ever since Thanksgiving the cases of Covid-19 in New York have risen at alarming rates. 

Since the start of school here at WHB there have been 30 confirmed cases, most of those being since Thanksgiving. 

According to, 1 in 10 of the 700,000 cases of Covid-19 in New York were reported since the day of Thanksgiving. Even though most of these cases were in the city, there have been some cases on Long Island. When asked if the rising cases closer and in the city would also result in another wave of cases near WHB sophomore Noah Hebbard said, “No because we have significantly less people and I believe if people know they are sick then they will stay in the city and not leave their home.”

Despite us being in school with the increases of cases, Governor Andrew Cuomo believes it is safer for kids to be in school. Cuomo said recently, “We know, the data shows, schools are safer than the surrounding communities for our kids.” 

Some people who disagree with the idea of that such as junior Terrall Faines who was asked if he thought it was safer to be in school he said, “No because when we are in school coming in close contact with others and we don’t know what those other people are doing on the weekends or holidays like going to parties or hanging out with others.” 

New York cases are higher one day than they are the next.  In the past couple months cases have risen one of these reasons is expected to be Thanksgiving because of traveling people have been doing. Since Thanksgiving the U.S has been averaging 200,000 new cases and 3,000 deaths per day.

Some people would be for another lockdown to help slow down the spread of the virus if it were to mean things to be somewhat more normal. When Sophomore Jack Kelly was asked if he would want or not want another quarantine to slow down the virus he said, “I think another quarantine would be good because I feel like that would mean a more normal summer compared to what we had this past summer.” 

Although most people are going to avoid traveling as much as possible there still may be some that do. Most experts believe that there may be another spike in cases following the holidays. 

To help limit the spread of Covid, people must take certain precautions such as washing hands, not touching their faces, and don’t travel unless it is necessary.