France for February Break


Students at Montmartre in Paris

Jake Mecca, Staff Writer

From crepes to crowded streets, the WHB students immersed themselves in French culture over February break.

Every February break since 2011 the WHB juniors and seniors have had the opportunity to spend a week in France.  This year, sophomores were also allowed to attend.

On the trip the students were allowed to experience all different aspects of France such as the beaches of Normandy,  Notre Dame, Mont St. Michel, Eiffel tower, the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, and the Palace of Versailles.

For most, the favorite parts of the trip were the fancy French food like crepes and macarons but others loved the landscapes and rich culture of the French. There was something for everyone.

Junior Marley Merrihew, said, “I thought the trip was going to be pretty fun but by the time I left I thought it was one of the best weeks of my life.”

Her favorite place that she visited was “this little castle-like town named Saint Malo.  In the town we had a lot of free time one day after enjoying a nice lunch. We then walked across the beach at really low tide to enjoy the site of the city and its surrounding landscape from the top of a hill.”

The trip’s organizer, foreign language teacher Mrs. Petroski has been going on the trip since Mrs. St. John started the trip in 2011. Mrs. Petroski said, “The trip was a complete success.  Most students were pretty much fluent in French by the end of the trip.”

Mrs. Petroski continues to encourage underclassmen to save up for the trips to France and Spain; these trips alternate every year, so next year they’ll be headed to Spain.