Blanco Becoming Big Red


Senior Isabella Blanco in her Cornell decorated room!

Reese King, Staff Writer

Senior Isabella Blanco is heading to the Ivy Leagues! This past fall, she chose to continue her academic career at Cornell University. 

Cornell University is a private Ivy League university based in Ithaca, New York. It has a 9% acceptance rate and an undergraduate enrollment of 15,503. 

Bella was highly motivated to go to an Ivy League school because of the level of education. She is excited to elevate her knowledge and academic abilities there. Bella will be majoring in Industrial and Labor Arts, which prepares her for a bunch of careers that she has an interest in, like human resources, finance, and law. 

When Bella visited Cornell, she could immediately picture herself spending four years there. It is a good distance from home, about five and a half hours, and has a very strong alumni networking system, which can help her in a couple of years with choosing a career. She is excited to “fill up her brain with curriculum” that she finds interesting. She is also super excited about “the adventure of living away from home.”

Bella left some tips for the underclassmen. When choosing a school, “you have to look at everything included. You need to choose a school that has a specific program that you are going to enjoy and benefit from. Try to focus on something that you are passionate about and find a college that has a good program for it and a good reputation for it.” Her biggest piece of advice is “try not to be overly influenced by others, and no matter what you are going to end up where you belong!” 

Bella is going to miss her amazing friends here at home. She said, “Throughout my time in WHB I have found some of my lifelong friends.” Through sports, classes, and just chatting with others, Bella has met some amazing people that have helped her “through hard times and made the good times even better. Thinking of not being with them every day makes me sad.” 

We wish Bella the best of luck with her future at Cornell!!