The Future of Mrs. Hurricane


Avery Allen, left

Olivia Galway, Staff Writer

Senior Avery Allen has made great accomplishments during her time here at WHB. Being named Mrs. Hurricane, winning #1 in the nation for her work on the business plan in her Virtual Enterprise class, and being accepted into the prestigious business school at Clemson University. 

Avery always knew that she wanted to go to Clemson, but was unsure as to what her major would be. She says, “My mom went to Clemson. Clemson has always been in the back of my head. It’s just a really great school and I visited it a bunch when I was a kid. As I was going through the college process, I really thought Clemson stood out from all of the other schools especially with their business program in the honors college.” 

Avery spoke about her decision on majoring in business and what influenced her to choose this major. “Taking Virtual Enterprise really made me want to major in business going forward. I’ve been taught so many different skills within business management and VE that I could take with me in real life and not just the business world. This class has been incredibly engaging for me and being able to be behind the creative process has allowed me to find my interest in business.”  She says that she owes a majority of her business knowledge to the business teacher at Westhampton Beach, Mrs. Demchak.

Mrs. Demchak has spoken very highly of Avery and her work ethic in the class. “Avery’s work ethic has always been strong. One thing that I was very impressed with is when she was taking business management, it was during Covid, and she still did a great job completing her business plan project, which many other students didn’t finish. She was very focused and she was highly professional.”

Mrs. Demchak says Avery’s growth has been admirable. “Avery’s first business class was business management. She was a great student and always on task, but definitely not as outgoing as she is now. She has sharpened her public speaking skills. I would say that was her biggest turn around. Her confidence and poise she shows when presenting is great!”

With all of her accomplishments at WHB, we know Avery will be one of the most successful people to come out of the Class of 2022.