Along Came Abby

Along Came Abby

Olivia Galway, Staff Writer

Along came Abby. The social media sensation that has taken over Tik Tok with her encouraging affirmations is a local to Westhampton Beach! This 5 year old star has accumulated 3.5 million followers on the app Tik Tok making content showing off her mature thinking.

This intelligent toddler is the youngest of six.  Older siblings have graduated from WHBHS and currently her brother Seth is a sophomore.

I recently spoke with Abby about her Tik Tok fame. She says about her favorite part about making Tik Toks, “My videos make people happy.”

Her mother, Lissa Terry, is also very proud of Abby. She said, “When something in life brings you joy you naturally want to share it and then your joy is doubled! That’s what sharing Abby on Tik Tok has been like for us! We believe that God blessed us with this amazing little girl to be a light and make people smile in a time when there is a lot of darkness in the world. We have been so surprised by responses to her videos but we feel very blessed!”

Abby inspires many people around the world but she says her biggest inspiration is her sister Phoebe.  We talked about her favorite thing to do and she said, “I like everything but my favorite thing to do is play with my Barbie Dolls.

She shared that her life motto is, “Be kind and encouraging and look out for lonely people!”

Comments on Along Came Abby’s videos are filled with remarks such as, “I’ve decided these will be my new affirmations tysm Abby I didn’t know if I could keep going and this gives me a lil bit more hope,” said by user eyeluvlena.

One of Abby’s most popular Tik Toks is an encouraging clip where she says, “You know what? You’re doing great. Okay, don’t be upset. Look how far you’ve gone. You keep, you kept going when it was so much. You don’t care. Okay, you don’t care about if you’re sad. Okay, doesn’t matter. You just want to keep going, okay? Don’t let sadness stop you from your happiness.” This video received 3.2 million likes and 18.4 million views!

This normal toddler has gone viral on Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube and her fans continue to grow. Who knows where she will be by the time she is a teenager.  Be sure to follow @alongcameabby for some uplifting content.