Powderpuff 2021!


Lily Berchin and Isabella Blanco

The girls lined up with their flags on, the whistle blew, and it was game time. The WHB girls seniors took on the juniors for a powderpuff game last week. The girls competed against each other in an intense game of flag football in order to raise money for student government’s Adopt-a-Family fundraiser. 

Each grade had two coaches and three referees that were boys. This gave the girls a feel of what it’s like for the boys during the fall season. “We wanted to go out there and show them what the junior girls are really made of,” said junior coach Avery Merrihew. “We’ve been working hard on our defense during practice, and I think that showed in the game.” 

The stakes continued to increase and got more intense. Senior Referee Danny Nags says, “The juniors got better, the seniors got flustered. Plain and simple.” It became clear that the juniors would take the win and break tradition. 

Senior player Olivia Rongo felt disappointed about the loss, “Honestly, it’s a little embarrassing,” she shared.

“It’s a tradition for the seniors to win and we let that go. I’m upset and disappointed in my team. I know we could have done better and worked as a team and I think that would have benefited us in the long run.”

While the seniors were sapping over a loss, the juniors were jumping for joy. Junior Amanda Shannon showed up and dominated. “After winning I was very happy mostly because we were not expected to win but we did anyway,” said Shannon. “Winning also made the experience just that more fun because it is always more fun to win than to lose.” 

Shannon led the team with touchdowns, field goals, and interceptions and was named the 2021 MVP 

The senior coaches tried their best to keep a positive atmosphere. Robert Moreland and Deegan Laube showed up in their best outfits and went over many plays with the senior team.

Moreland explained, “Our game plan going into the game was to run our plays correctly and efficiently, of course also winning.” 

Even though the seniors didn’t get the result they wished for, between selling baked goods and hot chocolate, a $5 entry fee, and $20 t-shirts the student government raised $1100 for Adopt a Family. Canes are always caring!