Speed Eating with DevinDevours

Devin in his element, eating food for his channel.

Devin in his element, eating food for his channel.

Deegan Laube, Staff Writer

The one and only DevinDevours has started a weekly challenge on Twitch to destroy all his food competitions.  DevinDevours is also known as “Mr. Laube,” a middle school physical education teacher.

Laube, who is also a 2017 WHBHS graduate, posts weekly videos of himself eating food based on speed or large amounts of food – all in a limited time. “I wanted to do something that was very fun and that I was good at,” said Laube. He enjoys giving people content to watch while being enjoying himself at the same time.

Laube’s competitive eating name is a unique and catchy one. The name “DevinDevours” came easy because his channel revolved around devouring his food.

Starting a live stream has caused a lot of talk around WHBHS. When he began on Twitch his goal was to be unique and give other people something to watch. “I do it for fun and this is what I love doing.  Obviously I would love to become famous and to have a strong fan base, but overall I really just love doing it.”

If you’ve ever watched Laube, you know he eats pretty much anything at a very fast pace. Laube claims that when he was a baby his mom would feed him quickly because she didn’t have the time or patience to wait for him.

If you haven’t watched DevinDevours, be sure to check him out for fun and entertaining content! Follow him, @DevinDevours55 on Instagram.