College is Around the Corner!


Gail Drange, Staff Writer

Choosing a college is the biggest decision a high school student will have to make.  For senior Hailey Hanyo, it came down to James Madison University and University of South Carolina.  On National Decision Day, May 1st, Hailey made her final decision: JMU!

Hailey had her heart set on going to college in the South for some reason most teens do: the warmth, who could blame her. JMU is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia, which is about a seven and half hour drive from her home in East Quogue. 

When deciding on colleges visiting the campus usually is one of the major deciding factors, getting a feel of the life around you is important.  That is one of the things that helped in Hailey’s decision.  She said,“They have a beautiful campus, which I loved,” says Hanyo. Going to college is bittersweet. It’s a new beginning. 

Luckily, Hailey won’t be going alone.  She will be alongside two of her high school friends, Cameron Maxwell and Chloe Vargas, who are also attending JMU. She is excited to be making this life journey with friends.

Hanyo has decided to study communications, which includes topics such as journalism, broadcasting, and public relations.” She has already taken high school courses in journalism and broadcast journalism which started her interest. 

We wish her the best of what’s ahead. Good luck at JMU and don’t forget to visit!