English teacher and Junior Ambulance HS Coordinator Mr. Dorskind


Gail Drange, Staff Writer

Special teachers can have a lot of heart for what they do, spreading positivity and helping students to feel good about themselves.

WHB is lucky to have a teacher who is inspiring students, English teacher Mr. Dorskind.  

When asked about his life choices and decisions, Mr. Dorskind said he became an English teacher after being vice president of a phone company. He didn’t enjoy this job, although, he said,“I made a lot of money there.” He says it was never about the money, it was about being happy and doing something that he enjoyed and something he was good at.

Instead, he became an English teacher. He knew that being a teacher would make an impact in not only his life but his students. He’d rather wake up happy than wake up hating his job. He said, “One thing leads to another and then to another and then you wake up and you’re on a totally different path. It was my destiny to become a teacher and do what I wanted with my life.”

He’s always so passionate about his students and he said “ Whatever you do in life, you should be passionate. I am 100% committed because being anything less would be ripping off myself, my students, and the taxpayers. I like commitment. I’m not a good athlete (but I can juggle and unicycle better than anybody on the varsity football team), but I really admire athletic commitment. I watch our high school football and basketball games and track meets and the kids are completely engaged. That’s what is about. I have little patience for laziness, apathy, negativity, cynicism and gossip.” 

Apart from being an English teacher, Mr. Dorskind dedicates his spare time volunteering for the Westhampton Ambulance. He is also the high school coordinator and director of the Juniors program at WHBHS. He’s been part of the ambulance for 14 years and joined for his daughter who was interested in medicine.  Ever since, he has stopped to help people whenever he could. He likes getting calls knowing that another person lived – that’s one of the things that makes him happy, apart from his daughters, his wife, and his coworkers at WHBHS.

Mrs. Connelly, another WHBHS English teacher said, “Mr. Dorskind is a kind and good friend. He is loyal and sincere. He loves his students fiercely and loves to watch them grow as learners. He is interesting! He has lived five lifetimes in one. He can ride a unicycle, juggle, and save your life with CPR. When you sit down to talk to him about a short story, you never know where the conversation may lead- but it is always interesting.”

Past students love and adore Mr. Dorskind as well, including 2020 graduate Emelye Ender.  She said, “He was a great and unforgettable teacher and definitely one of the best I’ve ever had.  He guided me more than you would think an English teacher could. He wasn’t only a teacher; he creates these awesome bonds with a lot of his students including me. He helped me realize how unique I am and how flaws/strengths are both amazing things. He taught me to not worry so much, to love, and live some of my most memorable years fearlessly and with confidence.”

If interested in joining the Junior Ambulance program, be sure to swing by room 205 and stop for a visit with Mr. Dorskind.