Healthy Habits at Home


Madison Lewis, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

Since school has shifted to online, it feels like summer has already arrived. It’s key to take advantage of all this free time and use it to create new healthy habits at home. 

The majority of gyms have been closed due to COVID-19 and people are finding alternatives to staying active. A family favorite is taking walks outside. Simple, but summer is the perfect time to make use of your own neighborhood. Taking a walk not only can help clear your mind, but is also shown to reduce stress, sharpen your memory, and boost your immune system, which is crucial during these times.

Another way you can relax in your free time is by reading something you’re interested in. Spending hours on technology has most likely shortened your attention span and decreased productivity. Choose to read more often and improve your mental health. Even better, take the book outside in the sun and absorb nature’s vitamin D. Consistently reading this summer will improve your ability to focus while upgrading your vocabulary. Find book recommendations online, read a few minutes a day, and enjoy the benefits.

Apart from these smaller activities, a larger project to pass time with family or friends is building your own garden. Gardens have gained popularity since COVID emerged, and are a dependable source of food grown at home. In May, my family and I completed this idea and now (June) a majority of the veggies are thriving in the warmer weather; romaine lettuce and cilantro have had the most success. It’s not too late to create your home garden and get fresh produce from your own backyard. 

As you spend hours in the sun, it’s essential to protect your skin from UV rays. After quarantine, the skin could be more sensitive than usual due to extended time indoors. Give yourself the extra protection not only from skin cancer, but from premature aging, blotchiness, discoloration and more. When buying sunscreen, dermatologists recommend avoiding chemical sunscreens. An alternative is mineral sunscreen, which is less irritating and better for sensitive skin.

Fully enjoy summer 2020 and be conscious of your health and safety!