The New Decade and What’s to Come

The New Decade and What's to Come

Ciara Byrne, Staff Writer

The year 2019 is coming to an end and people around the world are filled with excitement of what might come. 

Students at WHBHS have a lot to look forward to this decade, starting with graduation.  Beginning with the Class of 2020, all current students at WHB will graduate in the new decade. Sophomore Jessie Dunn pointed out, “I will have so many milestones that I will reach in this decade like graduating high school, college, and possibly finding a house.” 

Technology in the new decade is what we all have been dreaming about since we were kids. Like self-driving cars, robots, and new buildings that we only see in drawings so far. In the article The 2020s Are Almost Here: What Will This Highly Anticipated Decade Bring For Startups? by Bijan Khosravi, he believes, “Hundreds of startups are aggressively chasing the innumerable opportunities to create lasting and lucrative technologies…we’ll see an evolution of technologies once only imagined.”  We are already headed in the direction of what we imagined and there is only going to be more coming.

With the new decade around the bend and the WHBHS community excited for what’s to come. English teacher Mrs. Kuveke predicts that in the field of education will become paperless. She herself is starting to rely on Google Classroom and other Google resources more than paper. She said, “It’s so much easier and she can’t wait for school to be paperless.”

Mrs. Kuveke said with the new decade coming she believes there will be interactive holograms like you see in movies and will be tangible for all. When talking about robots, she said, “It’s crazy to think that they are already having some of them in Stop & Shop cleaning the floors.”

But what will we call this new decade? According to Mrs. Kuveke she said, “It’s another roaring twenties” in her eyes. This decade might be the decade of discoveries just like previously in history.

As the decade is coming to an end, we reflect on the new inventions.  Like Apple debuting the iPad in 2010 and the iPhone, going from the 3GS to the IPhone 11. The launch of the PS4 and XboxOne in 2013. All these devices we rely on in our everyday lives and don’t even come to realize what our lives would be like without them.  

2020 is filled with a lot of excitement and predictions. Let’s see where it takes us!