Junior Class President JP Ferrantino


Isabella Tobin, Staff Writer

John Paul Ferrantino, a junior at WHBHS, continues to positively represent our school with outstanding academics and a surplus of extracurriculars.

    JP, a former student at The Long Island School for the Gifted, began at Westhampton Beach High School last year. The transfer was a drastic change, “It is very different. There were 16 kids per grade, and the students were from all over Long Island, so it’s different to be going to a school with nearly 200 kids per grade all from the same area,” he said. Despite the adjustment from one school to another, which would be difficult for anyone, JP  evidently adjusted quite nicely by actively participating in various extracurriculars. 

    Throughout the schools, we have a wide range of extracurriculars to participate in, and JP engages in as many as he can tackle. From Key Club, student government, and being on the quiz bowl team to Seascapes and the debate club, JP would be highly decorated if we gave medals for extracurricular activities. Not only does he play an active role in a multitude of school-oriented extracurricular, but he is also dedicated to playing the piano and frequently volunteers for youth court.

    Many students struggle to find the balance between academics and out of school actives, but JP maintains at a high ranking while not only participating in but thoroughly enjoying a diverse range of extracurricular. “Although it may seem impossible to balance,” he said, “You need to just truly find what you like and be into what you’re doing. If you don’t like what you’re doing it’s not worth it.”

He urges students to take classes you’re interested in and join clubs that make you eager to go to the meetings. “Being the president of something that you’re just going through the motions for is less valuable and less useful than being apart of something you love.”

    Considering every student understands and knows the delicate balance between being a well-rounded student and a having an overwhelmed mental breakdown, JP’s actions are nothing less of commendable.