Awaiting February Break

courtesy Google images

courtesy Google images

Tate Buhl, Staff Writer

Students everywhere are desperately waiting for February break to go on vacation. From the tropical Bahamas to the ski slopes to Egypt, WHBHS students will be traveling all over. The students are taking full advantage of the nine days of break.

According to Travel U.S News, the top three vacation spots for February break include Costa Rica, Bora Bora, and Kauai.  Thousands of people per year travel to each one of these places during February break.  February break travelers are very excited to go on their trips like sophomore Ava O’Neill who said,”I am very excited to go to Cali this break.”  Another sophomore Jason Floegel is going to Florida.  ”I can’t wait to go to Disney world with my cousins,” he shared.

February break is an important break that students receive over the school year. It breaks up the time between the winter and spring for students to relax and take time for family. Even if WHBHS students are staying home, there are still plenty of activities to do. A staycation could include a shopping trip to the Tanger Outlets or the Smith Haven Mall. There is also the Southampton ice skating rink for fun exercise for all ages.  A trip to Manhattan for a few days could also break up the week.

The possibilities are endless for this vacation.  No matter where students decide to do this February, enjoy the time off.