So Many Options, So Little Time


2017-18 WHBHS Course Catalog

Hannah Donneson, Staff Writer

Before we know it, the 2017-2018 school year will be here, and now it’s time to start picking the classes we want to take. Guidance counselors recently came into English classes to present students their options.

Next year, there are a variety of new options of classes to take. In the Art department, Layout and Design will replace Computer Graphics II, and the only prerequisite is Computer Graphics I.  Also, next year, AP Environmental is back, and the guidance counselors believe there will be a solid interest in this course, which ties into today’s current issues.

The Science department will be offering Biotechnology,  a class that is harder than a Regent’s class, but not at AP standards. An introductory course into the Biotechnology curriculum, it focuses on the medical field. Sophomore Lindsay Rongo said, “I plan on taking this class in the future. I want to pursue a career in the medical field, and this class will help me gain more knowledge.”

This current school year, students had the opportunity for new classes. AP Seminar is a new course that students can take instead of English 10. Mrs. Wiles, teacher of AP Seminar, said that this class is “perfect who are not afraid of hard work and want to really dig-in and are ready to challenge themselves and want to improve their writing and communicating skills. This class readies you for the college experience. The added benefits is that there will be a special recognition at graduation.” See Mrs. Wiles in room 201 if you have any questions about the course.

Also new this year is Intro to Animation and Game Design. It offers highly visual, non-mathematical introduction to computing and computer programming. Students who pass the class can earn 3 college credits from Syracuse University, which are transferable to most colleges around the country. In the Theater Department, a new class called Theater is about to start. Students will work on techniques, skills, and the important aspects of acting.

In our school, there are electives that are harder to get into then others, because they are so popular. Some of the popular classes are Broadcast Journalism, Virtual Enterprise, AP Psychology, Junior Seminar, CPR/First Aid, and Forensics. If you want to take any one of these classes, make sure you include back up options for electives, incase you can not get into them. Make sure you use the elective space(s) in your schedule to take courses that interest you or to try something new.

Throughout the years, our school has been doing away with honors classes. Dr. Finn, Director of Guidance explained, “Over the past several years, we have transitioned several Regents courses from homogenous grouping to a heterogeneous model.  The result has created a more dynamic classroom for all students.  This has also created the opportunity to raise the bar for everyone and maintain high expectations.”   Keeping classrooms filled with a variety of students will hopefully raise the bar for all.

When creating your schedule, remember to do what’s right for you!  Good luck!