WHB Holiday Traditions!


picture courtesy of Grandinroad.com

Ashley Erbis, Staff Writer

WHBHS families are celebrating the holidays and bringing families together through family traditions.
Approximately 85 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas. With the holidays coming up, families have holiday traditions that bond their family closer together. Traditions create memories that will last a lifetime. Christmas is such a special time of year because no matter how busy you are, families will always come together to celebrate.

For many students at WHB holiday traditions are what make Christmas their favorite. Junior Brooke Donahue says, “My favorite tradition is that my family and I hide a pickle ornament in the tree, and the first one to find it gets to open the first present on Christmas.”
With Christmas being such a widely celebrated holiday, there are endless traditions. Junior Dayne Isola says, “Every Christmas Eve, my family and I all open one Christmas gift,” which is something millions of families do each year.
Junior Kayla Spanbock has a few family traditions but her favorite is when her and her family play white elephant. She says, “My favorite tradition is when my family and I play white elephant. Everyone brings a present and wraps it without a label. Then, we all take turns picking a gift. The first person who goes picks a present out of the pile, and the second person can either steal the first person’s gift or pick a new one. This pattern continues throughout the game until everyone gets a gift.”
Christmas shopping starts for about 40% of Americans before the end of October. Even though Christmas is a holiday where lots of spending is involved, it’s worth it because you make memories that will last a lifetime. The holiday traditions you have now can be passed down through generations to bring your children’s family together.