Oops! I’m Free Again!


Lyndzee Walker, Staff Writer

Oops! I’m free again! The singer-songwriter, Britney Spears has finally been released after 13 years of a binding conservatorship. Spears’ father, James Spears has had legal authority over every aspect of her life. 

After her divorce in 2007 from Kevin Federline was finalized, she lost custody of their two sons. Spears became devastated and a downward spiral began in her personal and professional life. A series of public incidents raised concern for Britney’s mental welfare, specifically when she started making headlines when shaving her head and hitting a photographer’s car with an umbrella.          

In 2008, she was twice admitted to a psychiatric assessment ruling, including the incident in which she allegedly refused to surrender her sons in a stand-off involving police.  A temporary conservatorship was established around his time and made permanent later that year. 

Spears’ father, James Spears, became legal guardian of the star. His lawyers had said, “the conservatorship was necessary to protect Britney in every sense of the word. Her life was in shambles and she was in physical, emotional, mental and financial distress.” 

Spears has had an everlasting battle with her conservatorship and hasn’t openly discussed it in her professional life. She would normally keep the topic of her conservatorship quiet when doing interviews, performances, or TV appearances. However, not until recently has she spoken out against her fight with her conservatorship. 

In her recent court appearance in June 2021, the star asked the judge to end her conservatorship because of the abusive arrangement and how traumatized she’s become. “This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good,” she explained, speaking remotely. “I deserve to have a life.” 

The conservatorship had power over her finances, career decisions, and major personal matters. For example, visitation of her teenage sons, whether she can get remarried, or have babies. She claimed to the court, “conservators wouldn’t let her have her birth control removed,” explaining how her future was affected. 

Her fans have played an important role in her conservatorship seeking attention. They started using hashtags like “FreeBritney” for the attention on how her conservatorship has negatively impacted her life.  Many of her fans have spoken outwardly about this situation. WHBHS senior, Jadyn Kass said, “ If you have a mental problem you should still be able to make decisions and the outside party should be helping you make those decisions and help your mental state instead of doing it all for you.” 

Meanwhile, in recent reports, James Spears claims that he supports whatever his daughter deems appropriate. However, fans still hold him accountable for her imprisonment. WHBHS sophomore Theo-Grellet Aumont said, “If I was Britney’s dad, I would have immediately respected her wishes to be free,” explaining how her father should respect her rights as an adult. 

As for Britney Spears, she continued to advocate for herself while under her conservatorship. On November 15, 2021, she took to instagram to share her release from her 13 year long conservatorship. Many fans were filled with joy and excitement that the “Baby Hit Me One More Time” star is free!