The Show Must Go On!

WHB Actors prepping for Ten Minute Musicals

WHB Actors prepping for Ten Minute Musicals

Jake Sidor, Staff Writer

On June 18th in the High School auditorium, the WHBHS theater department will be performing a new type of show called “Ten Minute Musicals.”  It will consist of seven different 10 minute shows with their own stories and characters. The shows will be directed by Rosemary Cline, acting director for all of WHBHS shows for the past 10+ years. 

This show category was picked to fit the unique conditions of this year. “Ms. Pawluck and I wanted to find a vehicle that would allow us to cast everyone. We discovered a brand new category offered by MTI (Music Theater International) called 10 MINUTE MUSICALS. We chose seven of these mini musicals; each one has an original book, music, and lyrics.”

With the show being only a few weeks away, this will prove to be a lot harder for the performers to accomplish compared to the other years. “A musical usually takes 15 weeks, and we have four.” She has no doubt that the students will be able to rise to the challenge.

After a shortage of actors and actresses for the last show, and with the musical being approved only a few weeks before the show was expected to be performed, there was a fear not many students would audition to participate. “With such notice we were not sure how many students we would get. We were happily surprised that with very short notice 30 students showed up.” 

While Covid rates continue to drop and life slowly begins to feel normal again, the Covid guidelines for the show have become a little less restrictive compared to the last show. The cast and crew will be required to wear a mask at all times, but they only need to keep a distance of 2 feet apart. Even though nothing is for certain and things are always changing, we are all hoping and looking forward to seeing a normal show performed by the WHBHS theater department next year.