Fun Workouts to Include on Your Summer 2020

Fun Workouts to Include on Your Summer 2020

Nothing is worse than doing a workout that makes you miserable. Next time you’re feeling active, go outside and try these great activities that double as an effective workout.

Paddle boarding 

“There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and seeing the sunrise from the middle of the water,” says Kayla Graves, a sophomore at WHBHS. Paddle boarding helps with balance and anxiety while also working out your arm and leg muscles. Try paddle board yoga once you feel comfortable!. 

Beach Volleyball

Since we live in the Hamptons, we have the luxury of having beaches just down the road. Get a group of friends together and have a volleyball tournament. Volleyball is a great competitive game that gets all your muscles moving throughout the game. Sophomore Lindsey Villareale said, “My favorite outdoor exercise is beach volleyball because it’s ‘mad’ fun and you can get a lot of friends involved. You can play in your bathing suit while getting tan”.


The list goes on of all the muscles involved in swimming and the amount of games you can play is unreal. On the next hot day skip the beach and jump in the pool instead – get an intense game of Sharks and Minnows or Categories going and you will end up in the pool for hours without realizing it. 

Riding a Bike

The places to go on a bike are endless.  Head over to town, the beach or a friend’s house for a calming and fun experience. Riding a bike utilizes almost every muscle and you won’t even feel the pain of doing a long indoor workout. So the next time you’re thinking of going somewhere, ride your bike instead.