From WHB Student to WHB Teacher


Mrs. Mett, Mr. Moran, Mrs. Peters

Jake Mecca, Staff Writer

Would you want to go to WHBHS longer than four years? Probably not, but some former WHB students came back to teach.

Student’s favorite teachers like Mrs. Mett, Mr. Moran and Mrs. Peters returned to WHB as faculty. Their experiences as students at WHB lead them to become teachers.

English teacher Mrs. Mett graduated in 1992 and was already back four years later. In high school she played for the volleyball team and was editor of the school paper. Her journalism teacher, Mrs.Betzold, inspired her to be “a fun, always positive teacher.”

When Mrs. Mett came back as a teacher in 1996 she recalls being kicked of the office because people thought she was a student.  Besides for that, she said it was “a smooth transition.” She taught some of the faculty at WHBHS like Mr. Moran, Mrs.Peters, Mrs. Kalisak and Mr. Bookamer.

Wanting to have a career in Journalism, she majored in communications at college, but the high school needed a teacher for a communication class. If she didn’t teach, she said,“I’d probably do real estate because I worked in my father’s real estate office for many years.”

When I asked her if it was the right decision to come back and teach she said, “Oh my god, absolutely! Everyday is a fun day, and WHB is a great place to be.”

PE teacher and girls varsity basketball coach Mrs. Peters graduated from WHBHS in 2001. In high school, she was a three season athlete, playing softball, soccer, and basketball.

In high school “everyone said that I was going to be a teacher,” she said, but in college, she studied Psychology. She also wanted to be a pediatrician, but when I asked her if it was the right decision to teach, she said “absolutely.”  

Inspired by Mr. Parry, who retired last year, she always remembers him saying, “not to burn daylight,” and this has been a motto for her.

Social studies teacher and boys’ golf coach Mr. Moran graduated in 1998 and returned to teach. In school he played baseball and basketball and had some teachers that are still here like Mrs. Mecca, Mrs. Mett and Mr. Kommer.

But Mr. Bass, former social studies teacher and wrestling coach at WHB,  inspired Mr. Moran to be a social studies teacher.

Mr. Moran joked, “I would play for the Yankees if I wasn’t teaching.” But when asked if it was the right decision to return as a teacher he said, “100%, I love teaching.”

For us students that are still here at WHBHS, who knows what the future holds, we could be teaching her one day – and it looks like it wouldn’t be so bad.