Read About Ms. Regan


Kenzie Schindler and Aine Byrne

Ms. Regan, a math teacher at WHBHS, has been teaching at WHBHS for 16 years. 

This year, Ms. Regan is teaching Geometry and Advanced Functions.  Along with balancing teaching her classes, she loves to cook in the kitchen, spend time with her nieces, scroll through Pinterest, and watch TikTok to keep up with the kids.  You may know Ms. Regan as just your math teacher, but she is much more. 

She has gone through more than most people do in a lifetime.  She was previously married and in the middle of her divorce she was still dealing with her health issues. She felt “kind of beat up and overwhelmed by life.” She pushed through with the help of her family and she “ran a lot of miles during that time just to kind of keep the energy positive.” 

She loves coming to school because it is always a stable and consistent place which is a positive part of her day no matter what. Freshman Lily Graves has Ms. Regan as a teacher this year and says, “I love having Ms. Regan as a teacher.  She helps me learn a lot and is super understanding and kind.” 

She has a passion for her cat Oliver, who she got in East Hampton five years ago while she was living in her own apartment for the first time. Her mom found him, she was on her way to a soccer game, and she picked him up on the way home.

Ms. Regan believes “you should always follow your heart, trust your gut.” She thinks sometimes we start to go and do things in life because we feel like we’re supposed to, but just make sure it’s really what you want. “You can always change your mind and you’re never too old to do that.”