Find Your Gem at Opal


Olivia Galway, Staff Writer

The WHB Virtual Enterprise businesses have always soared above the competition. This year, the students are making history history with the first online and on-wheels thrift store in the VE world. Virtual Enterprise is an alliance of pretend businesses that give students the opportunities to learn how the real business world works. 

VE teacher Mrs. Demchak, shared her thoughts on this year’s business. “The team at Opal is very passionate about their business concept, which they have built from the ground up,” she stated. “I have high hopes for Opal and am confident that they will have a successful year.” 

Mrs. Demchak is very experienced in the VE world with her team last year placing as one of the top 50 firms in the nation. Just 5 years ago, her business “Aquaterra,” won first place in the nation. Last year’s team, Monenti, was awarded third place in the U.S. Mrs. Demchak has very high hopes for Opal. “Westhampton Beach High School has never had a VE clothing store, or sold anything on consignment. Opal’s unique business idea will certainly make our team stand out from the competition,” she shared/.

There are many current employees at Opal who have competed in the VE world already. One of them is CEO Val Finke, who was the CTO of the business Monenti last year. “Opal is unique because of its fast turnover rate with clothing and how we can be a B corporation without actually having to give physical money, instead we donate clothes,” she explained. From an economic standpoint, it’s really smart.”

This is the second year that Bridget Lopez is serving as the CMO of the WHB VE firm. “I have great expectations for this year because we won’t miss out on the in-person events we missed out on last year,” she said. “I think we have a lot of strong people in this class who will get us far in competitions.”

Both Val Finke and Bridget Lopez have high hopes for this year’s firm. With their prior experience and strong leadership skills, Opal will be the company to beat at VE competitions.

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