Preparing for Prom

Preparing for Prom

After losing out on their junior prom due to COVID-19, WHB seniors are excited to hear that senior prom is finally happening!

Senior prom will take place on June 3rd at the East Wind Catering Hall. It is usually held the night before graduation, but the date was changed this year due to COVID-related precautions.. Dr. Herr explained, “If someone were to test positive before prom, they would still be able to walk at graduation.”

This year’s prom will, of course, look different because of COVID-19. The prom will be limited to the WHB senior class only. “As of right now, East Wind has set a limit of 250 people in the catering hall. We are within that number with our senior class, which is why we wouldn’t be able to accommodate other students.”

Many students are wondering whether or not dancing will be allowed. Dr. Herr said that “whatever the guidelines are for dancing, we will adhere to. As the infection rate continues to decrease, the restrictions may be loosened.”

Like previous years, prom will cost approximately $110-$120 per person. Dinner and transportation to and from East Wind will be included in that cost.

Dr. Herr wanted to note, “We’re trying our best to make the end of the school year as normal as possible for both the senior class and the entire building. We’re going to try to organize as many end-of-year activities for the senior class as we can.”

Only a few weeks left until prom! See you there, seniors!