A New Take on Teaching


Mr. Rupertus shares how he teaches with the remote students at home.

Theresa LoPresti, Staff Writer

A year like no other has led to many changes for WHB, including changes to teaching methods. 

With the beginning of the 2020 school year, teachers have had to learn to adapt to this new way of “COVID” teaching. Many different rules and protocols have been put in place that teachers must abide by to keep their students safe. At the time this article was published, we are about halfway through the first quarter, and teachers have started to find different ways to go about teaching. 

AP World History teacher Mr. Rupertus shared just how much teachers have had to change about how they are able to teach this year. Mr. Rupertus said, “In the past, I usually did some type of group work 3-4 times a week. This year because of social distancing, I have to keep everyone 6 feet apart. This has forced me to significantly change my normal lessons.”

He has been able to develop new ways for the students who are in school and those are remote to interact with each other. He said, “I have been trying to find ways to still have students interact and share ideas without sliding desks together in class. This could be review games where the in school and at-home students are working together or collaborating on a Google Doc or Slide.” He feels that it is his responsibility to help everyone, either online or school, feel a part of his classroom. 

Geometry teacher Ms. Regan feels “everything” has changed for teachers.  She said, “The play book has been completely redefined and reimagined this year. Truthfully, it is changing weekly as I, and the students settle into this ‘new’ routine.  The thought of a paperless math class seemed impossible in years past, yet, this year I have gone almost 95% digital.”

Although she has had to do almost everything online, she has done everything she can to make it easier for her students. Ms. Regan continued, “I think out of everything – we have to make the best of this situation.  We need to lean on each other, give ourselves much needed grace. This is new for all of us, and the more input I can get from the students, the better.” 

WHB teachers have been learning from their students what is working for them. Even with all of the different changes and challenges that both the teachers and students have been going through, everyone is trying their hardest to make the 2020-2021 school year a great one. As Ms. Regan said, “We grow through what we go through!”