All Aboard to Alabama

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All Aboard to Alabama

Julianna Eisenzapf, Staff Writer

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With the end of the school year approaching seniors have taken the first few steps into their futures and have picked the colleges that they wish to attend. A handful 0f WHBHS students have decided to head off to the University of Alabama this year and are ready to take on whatever awaits for them in college.

The University of Alabama is a public university in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Established in 1820, it stands out as the oldest public university in the state of Alabama. Not only is it the oldest but it is also the largest institution in the state with an undergraduate number at 33, 305. The city of Tuscaloosa, which surrounds the campus, has a suburban setting very similar to Westhampton Beach which could be a reason these students felt Alabama was the college for them.

This University offers over 200 majors which could make students feel confident going into their freshman year with an “unknown” major or it gives students the major they want and room to explore. Senior Amelia Raynor, attending Alabama in the fall, is studying to be an athletic trainer such as Mr. Leogrande. She hopes to get a job in a small school similar to Westhampton Beach.

On the other hand, Junior Graceanne Gaudiello, who is planning on applying to Alabama this summer is hoping to major in communications with a stronger focus in broadcast journalism. When choosing a large institution two people can study very different majors and still get an even education.

The University isn’t just known for its extravagant “halls” that these classes take place in, the campus is also breathtaking. In the heart of Alabama, just an hour from the capital, it is the definition of a southern community.

“Alabama stood out to me because of how beautiful the campus was and how I knew I would fit in there because of how nice everyone was,” says Anna McCarthy, who is attending Alabama this fall. It has a very warm and friendly feel which is also why senior Brian Mench chose this university, he said he knew he wanted to go south and once he saw Alabama he knew it was the place for him.

Good luck in Alabama seniors! Roll Tide!