Student Government’s 2020 Officers


Executive Co-Presidents Molly Brennan and Sophie Waszkelewicz

Carly Traynor, Staff Writer

Homecoming parade, pep rally, and spirit week may be closer than we think.  Next year’s school year is just around the corner, and we can thank student government, for making it all possible.

At the end of May, student government held their annual officer elections for the upcoming school year. Although this might seem premature, there are so many events that student government is responsible for at the beginning of the school year, that it is necessary to figure out the officers beforehand.

The freshmen will be joining the high school in the fall, and the club is looking forward to a breath of fresh air, as they welcome new ideas to make this upcoming year as memorable as possible.

This year, the rising sophomores class officers President Selina Peyreya, Vice President Sophia Caponi, Secretary Alexis Peterson, and Treasurer Lauren Shurek will represent the class of 2022. All officers are involved in volunteer activities such as Blessings in a Backpack, nursing homes, and animal shelters.

This year, the rising juniors had two groups running. When this happens, each group’s election video is shown to their grade and students are asked to vote on who they want their officers to be through a Google form.

This year, after the results were calculated, a very special congratulations went out to President Jake Mecca, Vice President Dom Sarno, Treasurer Mikey Giacchetto, and Secretary Olivia Jayne.

As for the rising seniors, we have a new group of officers. President Chris Daleo ran alongside Vice President Abby Kilroy, Secretary Spencer Moyle, and Treasurer Paige Mignone. While Abby Kilroy and Spencer have been apart of Student government before, they are looking forward to a more influential role in the club.

Student government also holds executive board elections. The executive board is in charge of the club as a whole, compared to an individual grade. This year, our winners were Molly Brennan and Sophie Waszkelewicz who ran together as Co-Presidents, executive Vice President Carly Traynor, executive Secretary Graceanne Gaudiello, and JP Ferrantino, the club’s executive Treasurer.

To become apart of the executive board, students are able to run in any grade, however, experience is helpful in landing a position. Instead of making a campaign video, as students must do for grade elections, students are responsible for interviewing with Dr. Herr, Mrs. Luciano, and Mrs. Eagan. In the interview, they are asked questions about what makes them qualified for the position.

Molly Brennan and Sophie Waszkelewicz have big plans for the club. Molly says, “In order to revamp school spirit, Sophie and I were considering adding ‘battle of the classes’ during the week of spirit week and homecoming to raise money for the Concussion Legacy Foundation.” The Concussion Legacy Foundation is a foundation focused on protecting athletes and families through research, policy, and education.

Both Brennan and Waszkelewicz have been huge parts of the club since freshman year, and look forward to another successful year with positive changes. “As Co-presidents, Molly and I are able to combine our ideas and ensure that responsibilities do not get overwhelming during senior year,” says Sophie.

As important as student government officers are, the club is also always looking for support. So for anyone who is interested in joining in the fall, it is a great club to be involved in!