Cracking Down With Criminal Justice

Dahanara Jojoa, Staff Writer

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A new class for those pursuing law is being offered as an elective for sophomores and above. Criminal justice teaches a deeper understanding of your constitutional rights, the judicial process and the criminal justice system.

Criminal justice is taught by Mrs. Brosnan, one of the social studies teachers at WHB. In this class, students learn their rights and how to treat others and be treated. It also teaches the judicial process and procedures following trials.

Other aspects of criminal justice include what happens when a police officer pulls someone over, rights that police officers commonly violate, laws passed as a result of trials, and how criminals are caught.

Sometimes, Officer Kerwin—the school resource officer—will come in and tell the class what it’s like to become a police officer. The class is then given time to ask him prepared questions.

Currently, the class is watching hearings from the senate. After watching them, the class discusses them. It’s crucial to plan for these debates in advance.

Mrs. Brosnan is also “working on going to Riverhead jail and a court.”

Sophomore Cristina Alvarez said, “I was always interested in the criminal process and what happens after trials. I’m glad I’m taking this class.”

Criminal justice is a half year class, so if you’re interested you still have time to sign up for the second semester!