Sweetest Sixteen?


Julia Seifert's sweet sixteen party on March 9th

Molly Brennan, Staff Writer

For their sixteenth birthday, many teenagers have the option of going away or having a party.  Which is sweeter? 

When most teenagers think of a 16th birthday they think of a sweet sixteen birthday party. However, more and more teens are choosing a vacation as a unique option. Carly Traynor, who had an earlier sixteenth birthday than most, decided to go to the Bahamas. She was allowed to bring one friend, her two cousins, and her brother. Carly said she chose the Bahamas because “it was good weather for the time of my birthday,” which was in October.

Paige Rignola also preferred a vacation over a party. For her sixteenth birthday, she went to Atlantis which has been her favorite vacation spot for as long as she remembers. She would recommend others to take a vacation. “You can have a couple days to let your celebration sink in rather than just a couple hours.” Paige also believes that the memories from that vacation will last forever. 

However, the traditional sweet sixteen party is still a favorite for many. Rachel Frank originally wanted to go on vacation but her parents said no so she decided to have a party. She said it worked out and she is “really glad she did it because it was so fun.” 

For Julia Seifert, her sweet sixteen was one of the best nights of her life. Julia said, “I don’t wish I did something different. I had so much fun with all my friends and I wouldn’t change it if I could.”  She chose to have her party was at Camp Paquatuck because it “had a good amount of space and was on the water,” which was a big deciding factor for her. 

So which is sweeter? For those who seek adventure and a long lasting celebration—go on vacation. For others that like the glitz and glamour of a party, a traditional sweet sixteen is the way to go. Whichever one you choose, it’ll create memories to last a lifetime.