Mr. Dorskind Gets Personal


Madison D'Aries, Staff Writer

A teacher, a writer, a friend, a devoted father and husband. These are the titles Glenn Dorskind has earned throughout his life. He inspires his students and fellow faculty members on a daily basis with his ideas and wisdom, both inside and outside the classroom.

Not many people know details about Mr. Dorskind. Although he is an open book with his students in the classroom, I felt there was still more to learn. I was really excited to sit down with Mr. Dorskind and dig deeper into his life. His relaxed manner and quiet tone created a comfortable and calm environment for me to really get to know him.

I wasted no time to get on to a deeper level by asking my first question, “Describe a time that was your happiest moment.” Mr. Dorskind took his time with his answer. After adjusting his glasses and repeating the question out loud a few times he answered with, “Ummm, I would have to say the birth of my second child, because I was relaxed enough since I had been through it before. I knew what to expect, I was older.”

Next question: “If you could give one piece of advice to a student, what would it be?” He answered right away, “I would say the best thing you could ever learn is to not personalize stuff.” I thought this was an excellent piece of advice. What he means is that no matter what terrible thing life throws your way, don’t internalize it and think it was necessarily something you did.

I followed up with this by asking him to describe a time he didn’t take this advice. He leaned back in his chair and twirled his pen. “I didn’t go with my passion, worked for my father for 10 years. I was very unhappy, a bit of a waste. But you have to go through things in order to reach other things, ya know?”

Getting to know Mr. Glenn Dorskind on more of a personal level is something I really appreciate. He has accomplished so much whether it was publishing poems or giving life lessons in the classroom. I am grateful he took the time out of his busy teaching schedule to sit down with me and really connect. I feel so lucky to have such a knowledgable kind man to be teaching here at WHBHS.