Hurricane Watch, June 8, 2018

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Director: Jackson Parli
Producer: Eleanor
Period 6 Anchors: Megan Booth, Craig Connor, Hannah Donneson, Emilee Downs, Natalie Ehlers, Kat Fennell, Chloe Gaget, Jacob Gaudiello, Eleanor Kast, Gage McIntyre, Liam McIntyre, Brian Mensch, Bryce Owen, Jackson Parli, Louis Peruso, Lauren Ramos, Olivia Santora, Conor Schwenker, Madeline Seitles, Daniel Tocco, Tanner Tompkins, Lucas Villereale
Packages: Do’s & Don’ts of Summer, You Know You’re a Hurricane, Student Goodbyes to Teachers, Senior Bucketlist, 13 Years