Has Senioritis Hit Early?


Aine Byrne, Staff Writer

Senior year can be stressful, and as a result, the Westhampton Beach High School’s 2022 seniors may be suffering from senioritis a little earlier than usual.  These seniors have not had a “normal” high school year in a long time, which for some, may make their case of  “senioritis” even stronger this year.  

Senior Madison Mosher, when questioned if she will get “senioritis”, said, “Absolutely will get senioritis, without a doubt.  I feel it coming in some of my classes already.” 

Madison and other seniors have not had a full normal year of high school since freshman year.  Their sophomore year got cut short because of COVID-19 and their junior year was affected by mask wearing, no spectators at games, sports barely being able to happen, and social distancing rules.  

Madison continued, “ I didn’t get to experience a lot of things my junior year. We didn’t have a powder puff [game], no school prom, and sports [seasons] were super short.  It made me realize that we have to take things for granted throughout my senior year.”  Last year’s experience made Madison and other seniors realize that they do get a senior year and they have to make it count.  

One of the causes of one of the symptoms of “senioritis” is knowing you are going to miss Westhampton and the people here once everyone leaves.  Senior Jake Poerio said, “My feeling about moving on from Westhampton is that it’s going to be very different not seeing the same people and scenery that Westhampton gives.  Waking up and going to learn somewhere else is definitely going to be weird.” Jake shared the thing he will miss the most from WHB is his friends and the people here.    

Senior Lily Berchin believes her “senioritis” will come later in the year when school is on the easier side and all the fun activities are occurring.  Lily said, “I think my senioritis will definitely hit towards the end of the school year.  By this time I will know where I’m going to college and summer will be approaching.  We will all just wanna be at the beach! Hoping it doesn’t hit me too bad.” 

Each senior provided a semi-different perspective on how they feel about their senior year.  Some seniors may feel that their work is piling up on them while others feel they are doing just fine right now.  WHBHS 2022 seniors finally get their senior year, hopefully it’s the best year yet and they can avoid senioritis.