Superstar Sarah Saves the Game


Cameron Valenti and Robert Moreland

History was made in late 2020, when 21 year old Sarah Fuller stepped onto the gridiron. As the first female kicker in a Power 5 game, she had a lot to prove.

On Saturday, December 9th, when Vanderbilt was short on kickers due to COVID and other injuries, Sarah Fuller took the field. Sarah was already a soccer player for Vanderbilt and was ready to step up. She was the first woman in a Power Five conference college football game and she did not disappoint.

She had one “squib kick” and two field goals.

Of Fuller’s performance, WHB Coach Doroski said, “I think Sarah Fuller did a great job and performed the same way as any other college kicker would have, male or female.”

Sarah’s impressive performance decreases the gap between men and women sports. 

Sarah has set an example for those who want to achieve their goals professionally worldwide. Not only does it motivate other females to keep trying, but also proves to men that if they don’t believe in themselves, they will not achieve what they want.

WHBHS junior Jake Sidor spoke about the potential for women to make it to the professional football league.  “Girl kickers surprisingly can put up the same performance as male kickers, if not better. I believe eventually they will make it to the professional league it will just take time.” 

With Sarah Fuller being the first female kicker in a power five game, it is only a matter of time before girls will take the stage professionally. Sarah proved she was able to compete at a high level and also proved women could perform the same as men.