Teachers thoughts on AirPods


Nicolas Pataridze, Staff Writer

The use of AirPods in school has increased since the holidays. After the break, many more students have been using these new wireless headphones causing teachers to truly wonder if they are paying attention. Will these new earbuds be banned?

Since the past month, the number of students with AirPods doubled in the school. More teachers are wondering if they should either ban these new earbuds or have restrictions on them. 

Librarian Mrs. Meredino said, “I can see how great they are I am even thinking about getting a pair for myself. But when it comes to being in the classroom don’t use them.”

She continued, “They are a pain in school. Kids share them with each other and they are also hard to see if someone is wearing a hood.”

Dr. Herr said, ”We don’t want students to wear them in class and we want students to be on track in school. With AirPods, it’s hard to notice them with students wearing hoodies and long hair.” 

He also said, ”We’re still evaluating and seeing to make a decision with them.”

These new earbuds are a great new invention to listen to music and share with friends but don’t use them when it’s time to learn.