Seniors Soaring Toward College


WHB Seniors on Decision Day

Kaylee Dalian, Staff Writer

Our WHB seniors are leaving the nest, flying toward college. Excitement is flourishing for parties and areas of study. However, what is more important to our seniors? 

WHB decision day was May 1st and WHB seniors McKenna Heaney and Morgan Donahoe have decided on Fairfield University and The University of Florida.

“I’m most excited about the new opportunities to learn in different courses and meeting other people in those courses because I love exploring the processes of the world and hope to find my passion,” said McKenna about attending Fairfield. 

Fairfield University is known for their impressive STEM academics and has low percentages of parties. According to, raging parties every night is 7% and party options Wednesday through Friday is 41%.

Contrary to McKenna, Morgan is excited about both the social scene and academics.

“I’m really excited to study something I actually enjoy with my premed track. I’ve always known I’ve wanted to be a doctor so being able to study it is really starting my dream. I also can’t wait to meet the endless amount of people and experience football games and endless things to do in such a college town,”  Morgan shared.

The University is known for its school spirit and excellent biology programs as well as an extensive percentage of parties. According to, raging parties every night is 21% and party options Wednesday through Friday is 52%. 

Excitement for college life varies with each person and their college; our seniors are looking forward to pursuing the career of their choice, but having some fun along the way.