It’s Prom Season!


Lyndzee Walker, Staff Writer

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is going to have the prettiest dress of them all? It’s prom season! WHB seniors and juniors are getting ready for a night to remember. With many seniors and juniors preparing months in advance, we finally get celebrate the long awaited last hurrah that has been.

After almost two years of isolation, seniors and juniors will get enjoy their prom. They can dance the night away without the worry of social distancing. Many girls are excited to get dressed up with their friends and family to celebrate this memorable moment. Pictures filled with pure happiness and laughs to last a lifetime. 

Seniors are especially excited to have their prom. They have witnessed the misfortune of other graduating classes unable of having this experience.  Senior Greyli Garcia states, “I’m excited about prom because its my last chance to have fun with my friends before we go to college and I can’t wait to take pictures for my photo album.” It’s an exciting time to celebrate your final moments in high school. While, making the best memories and bringing people together. 

With prom bringing the best memories, the best outfits are yet to come. Many seniors and juniors are wearing different styles and colors to prom this year. Some popular colors for 2022 are royal blue, red, green, and black.  Popular styles include ball gowns, halter, long and short dresses. Junior Kaylee Dalian said,  “I am going to wear a short dress. Not a tight dress, more like a dress that poofs out at the waist.”  Some like comfortability rather than the physical appearance of the dress. 

Although some girls are looking for comfort, many girls are seeming to break the bank with the cost of their dresses. Prom dresses are costing between $400 and $1,000 – just for the dress itself. If you need alterations, we could only imagine the cost. It’s important to look in your local dress shop to find the most affordable and perfect dress for the most special night. 

This special night isn’t complete without the people you go with. The definition of a “prom date” has changed over the years. Greyli said, “It’s not about going with a boy or a girl you like. People should go with their friends and call it a date because you’re just having fun together.” Prom is about making the memories with the ones you love rather than going with a “date.”  

Greyli is going with a group.  She is taking “Lyndzee, Gino, Avril,  and Jadyn” for her prom dates. Having your friends as your prom date makes the best of memories and allows you to have the most fun.

Seniors and juniors, let this be the best moment of your life and remember to have the best time during your final moments as a high schooler.  Have a fun and safe night to remember!