Summer Service Adventures


Jane and Olivia with their Rustic T-shirts that they will wear this July!

Ella Donneson, Staff Writer

What is a better way to spend your summer than traveling around the world, making everlasting memories and helping out another community in need? This summer, two WHBHS students will be attending a service trip through Rustic Pathways in which they will experience a once in a lifetime opportunity with life-changing encounters.

Rustic Pathways is a widely known program that offers high school students an amazing opportunity. It allows students who want to explore the world to get out there and help different communities in need, with programs in over 20 countries.

The price of these trips may be costly, ranging anywhere from about $2000 to $8000, depending on how long the trip is, where it is to, and other varying factors.  Despite the cost, the fulfilling experience will be worth it in the end. Students are also able to apply for discounts, in addition to automatically receiving a discount on their second trip.

This summer, two rising juniors, Jane Paulson and Olivia Jayne, will be attending the ‘Island Living and Eco-Service’ trip to the Dominican Republic for nine days. Jane and Olivia have not been on any trip like this before, and they are so excited about what is to come. Olivia says, “I can’t wait to meet new people, experience life in another country, and learn from experts while working on the land in the Dominican.” The girls will be getting their hands dirty while performing several different projects within the lands of the Dominican.

Jane is excited to “help with a project that will truly benefit the village, and work alongside a Dominican community to help build infrastructure and water quality improvements for the town.”

From my own previous experience, Rustic Pathways is the best of both worlds. I traveled to Costa Rica last summer and will be heading to Fiji this July. You get to travel the world, seeking almost anything you could desire while making lifelong memories and changing the world with people you will never forget. These two young ladies along with several others from the WHB community will experience something unforgettable.

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