Comeback of the ‘Canes!


Kevin Smith, Staff Writer

With the 2021 season over, the up-and-coming ‘Canes are looking ahead to 2022 and are ready to fight for another LIC trophy. 

The team shared their predictions for next year. Rising seniors Luke Kilroy and Noah Hebberd both predicted the team will go  “8-0.”  Kilroy said, “I think we’ll have a great season. It won’t be given to us though, we will have to work for it.” 

 “I definitely think we have a lot of potential,” said quarterback Will Gambino. “I think outsiders will be ranking us very low but by the end of the season I believe we could be a top 3 team.”

Nolan Michalowski stated, “I think we will go 6-2 or better.” The bar is set pretty high for the ‘Canes but they believe the Hurricanes will be able to achieve this goal. 

“The goal obviously every year is to win a Suffolk County Championship and then a Long Island Championship. I am liking the way our team is looking for next year,” said offensive lineman Noah Hebberd. We have some key returning players, but also have many young guys who are going to have to step up and make some big plays and be a big part of the team. Expectations are for a long and successful season.”

Gambino shared, “Obviously the goal is to to make it further through the playoffs and have a better record than last year. I really want to make it to Stony Brook.”

Rising junior Nolan Michalowski said, “I think we need to lock in and work hard for next season and I think if we do that we will have a good season with a good record.” 

Stakes are high for next year’s Hurricanes. Make sure to check in May for the 2022 schedule. Go Canes!